Snow’s coming – ongoing construction

We would like all of our guests to be aware of the potential for construction work as we prepare for the winter season.  Summer projects are wrapping up quickly, but some ongoing work will be possible as we gear up for snow. Our goal, as always, is continue improving the park.  Please be aware we will do our best to complete any major work as quickly as possible with the comfort of our guests in mind.  Thanks to all of … [Read more...]

Places to Travel in 2015

We're very excited that the New York Times selected Steamboat Springs as a top travel destination, and even more excited that they chose the Hot Springs for the photo!  Just go ahead and scroll down to #19.  See the article here. … [Read more...]

Construction Update

We would like to share our plans to remodel the large rustic cabins.  While we are still in the early stages of the planning process, the ultimate result will be the removal of cabins 1 and 5 and the addition of a duplex cabin on the site of one of the current large cabins.  Both of the existing cabins will remain available during construction.  The new rentals will each have a restroom, small kitchen, and a bedroom.  We … [Read more...]

Steamboat’s Sweet Surprise

Great article from Colorado Life Magazine. "Immediately we were drifting in a reservoir of warmth, the winter cold forgotten. Our workday tensions melted and lifted away with the clouds of steam. Soothed by the sonorous waterfalls descending into the various pools, the toasty pebble-sand beneath our feet, and the protective canyon walls surrounding us, we knew we were there. We had reached … [Read more...]

Colorado, Cowboys, and Champagne Powder

(From Luxury Travel Magazine, Australia) "This is a cowboy town that just happens to have a ski resort in it,” a local in a Stetson explains. He has a point – Steamboat Springs sells as many Stetsons as North Face ski jackets. At its most famous rancher outfitting store – FM Light & Sons (“Outfittin’ The West For 100 Years & Five Generations”) – you can choose between knives, pistols, rifles, banjos, jerky or something … [Read more...]

RULES: Nobody under age 18 after sunset. Clothing optional after dark. No glass containers. No alcohol. No smoking. Food only in picnic area.
Safety First: Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a natural mountain spa facility. The use of this spa assumes and understands that many natural features and hazards exist, including but no limited to; hot water, rocks, forest growth and debris, variations in temperature and weather conditions, and many other hazards or obstacles. In using this spa, such dangers are recognized and accepted, whether they are marked or unmarked. Management retains the right to revoke spa privileges, without refund, if user commits any act on the premises that endangers the safety or experience of himself or other persons.