Here are some of the partner organizations we work with:

Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council:

National Council for Independent Living:

Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living:

American Association of People with Disabilities:

Independent Living Research Utilization:

Adapt – Disability Rights Activists:


Portable Video MagnifierPortable Video Magnifier – A portable video magnifier intended for low vision users that is ideal for reading small amounts of text at a time such as prescription bottles and product labels. It also has a feature to allow for magnification assistance while the user is writing.


Public Access Video PhonePublic Access Video Phone – We have a video phone set up in our office that is open for the public to use. It allows people with disabilities that make regular phone calls inaccessible to make phone calls and leave messages. To use the video phone an individual must be fluent in sign language.


Video Magnifier 1Video Magnifier 1- An older model video magnifier with a viewing tray underneath the monitor that allows people with low vision to magnify and read anything from prescription bottles to the daily newspaper.


Video MagnifierVideo Magnifier – A newer model video magnifier with multiple features to increase flexibility of use. The magnifier can be hooked up to most modern televisions to act as the monitor for the magnifying equipment. The video magnifier also comes with a set of glasses with build in monitors and the magnifier can be removed from the stand. Both of these features are intended to make the equipment portable.