Rug Styles

Traditional roots, timeless beauty, today’s lifestyle.David Chase offers the best hand-woven rugs being produced in the world today.To better assist you in communicating your design-style needs, we have categorized the many rug styles that exist into four groups: Traditional, Geometric, Transitional, and Contemporary.

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The area rug collection is available for viewing in person by appointment.  Rugs may be taken to the home and viewed in the area of intended use to ensure that colors are harmonious with existing furnishing in the room.

Here are some suggestions for providing you with better assistance in your rug search; measure for the size rug you desire, or the size of the room that the rug will be placed, a general color palette you are seeking, the general design-style or the room.

Please email or call for more information about area rug projects, sales, repair, cleaning services, and rug padding.