What is cactofab? An idea? A theory? A movement?

Yes. but mostly its a family in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that fabricates really cool stuff for skate, snow and moto.

Cactofab started way back in 2002 when a guy nicknamed Cactus wanted to jib on better stuff than what was already out there.

Cactus has been skating and snowboarding for 22 years and riding moto for 10.

He has been coaching snowboarding for the last 12 years and wanted to make some cool portable rails for his team riders, thus spawning the cactofab phenomenon.

All hand built… all custom designed… all unique.

A cactofab rail or ramp is actually functional art.

No computers, no robots, no corporate B.S.

Just fun stuff meant to progress snowboarding, skateboarding and motocross.

None of the stuff is top secret, so if you need help building your own stuff… just call or e-mail.

Cactofab is dedicated to furthering ramp, rail, and jibstacle building so none of the stuff is proprietary.

Let cactofab help develop your skate snow or moto scene>

Cactofab would like to thank all inspirational and supportive people everywhere…. family, riders, welders, coaches, computer geeks and God.