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The Lodge is our newest addition to the Bella Vista property and is the perfect getaway from the Main House. Only a minute’s walk away from everyone else, the Lodge presents the opportunity for you to split up your group according to your own needs and preferences. Are you bringing a personal chef or trainer that would like a little more privacy? Or perhaps you have visiting parents that need quiet time for themselves and their little ones? With sleeping arrangements for 6, 2 full bathrooms and a full kitchen, your company can enjoy the property with everyone else and retreat as needed to this secluded space. If there are certain members of your party that want room for activities, working out, cooking and more, the Lodge is a wonderful choice for these guests. The large main living room with a wood-burning fireplace is flexible enough for lounging, exercising, meditating, setting up your easels and canvases, shooting the expansive scenery, and whatever else your heart desires. The Lodge’s private entrance leads to a spacious West facing deck with a dining set, adding creative inspiration and a gorgeous natural setting for any meals or activities you’d like to hold. Take advantage of this new building to create the dynamic your party needs to enjoy Bella Vista to the fullest!